Monday, May 20, 2013

 My beautiful granddaughter is turning 13 next month so I have made this card for her.
Her dad is a computer programmer so she had a "mouse" in her little hand at about 8 months old.
She would sit on her dads knee and chase that mouse all over the screen.  It wasn't long before she was climbing up to it on her own.

Once on her feet, she loved to run and have someone throw a pillow at her and she would fall down and laugh so hard.       Now I can hardly believe she is turning 13....oh my goodness where has the time gone ?


  1. Like a little book - very well done!!

  2. Time indeed, passes far to fast. Our two grand babies are growing up much to fast for me. Your granddaughter will cherish this beautiful card. It is like reading a lovely book....beautiful!